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Terms of Use

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Bloogerz.com(We / Us / Site) reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time and for any reason. Updated versions will be posted to the Site, please visit this page as often as you can to get acquainted with any recent updates. We reserve the right to modify or disable parts of the Site and their features – all without notice, even though those changes may affect you as the Site user. You agree that We will not be liable to you for any modification made to the Site.

By Using The Site You Agree To Refrain From The Following Actions

  • Posting any data, texts, files, links, etc. that is unlawful, deceitful or abusive to another Site user.

    Posting ads containing pornographic texts, images or links that lead to pornographic websites.

      Posting any ad for services or products which are prohibited by the law.

      Harassing or causing any distress to another Site user.

      Making statements about a person or a business that are biased, untruthful or personal in nature.

      Discriminating against another user on the grounds of race, national origin, religion or gender.

      Sending unsolicited email to another Site user.

      Maliciously reporting (flagging) another Site user’s ads.

      Using any automated ad posting devices.

      Hiring any ad posting services to post your ads for you.

      Posting ads as a hired ad poster.

      Re-posting parts of the Site’s content to your own website (unless permitted by Us).

      Posting copyrighted materials.

    Please report any such violations to: contact@bloogerz.com

By Using The Site You Agree To The Following Legal Disclaimer

Bloogerz.com is an advertising medium. All contents of the Site are provided on an “as is” basis. By visiting the Site you agree to use the contents of the Site at your own risk. The Site cannot be held accountable for any content found on its pages. Fraudulent activities of the Site users (including but not limited to: fake sales, fake employment opportunities, fake housing ads, personal data collecting ads, misleading claims, harmful practices of any kind, illegal activities of any kind) are not warranted by us.

PayPal Payment Related Disputes Between Users

All PayPal payment related disputes between you and a buyer / seller are not going to be intermediated by Us. We are not responsible for any sales or purchases made between two users. All PayPal payment related disputes between you and a buyer / seller must be resolved using the PayPal Resolution Center.

Other Disclaimers

By placing an ad on the Site, you agree that We cannot guarantee whether or not it will receive an anticipated amount of visits and / or click-through, since the quality of the ad’s content (including but not limited to: its title, body, images, links, HTML code), a demand or lack thereof on the products or services you are offering, will play a significant role in its appeal to visitors.

Paid Advertisement

By placing a paid ad on the Site, you agree with the following: all charges are final, non-negotiable and non-refundable (Exception: Paid ads found in violation of our Terms of Use will be removed from the Site and the posting fees will be reimbursed). You agree that if you authorize a payment using your credit card, debit card or PayPal account, but your charge is rejected, your paid advertisement will be placed on hold until the transaction is completed. If you are making a payment using an e-check, your paid advertisement will be on hold until the e-check is cleared (most e-checks are cleared within 3-4 days).

Email Alerts

By posting an ad you agree to receive occasional email alerts regarding changes, updates, news, etc. pertinent to the Site that we believe you, as a Site user, must be aware of.

Ad Renewal Reminders

By posting an ad you agree to receive an ad renewal reminder which is sent on the expiration date for each ad posted on the Site. At this time we do not offer an opt-out for this option. If you do not wish to receive ad renewal reminders, please, make sure you remove your ad(s) from the Site sometime before the expiration date.